RBQM Mastery e-Course Bundle

RBQM Mastery: Transform from Novice to RBQM Pro in 8 Hours

The e-course bundle offers fundamental and advanced training in risk-based quality management (RBQM). This self-paced online program includes immediate access to essential tools. Boost your clinical research skills today!

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Our goal is to assist you in developing a risk-based strategy and an RBQM Plan in 8 hours or less! To make this possible, we’ve bundled our two core RBQM Essential e-courses into the RBQM Mastery e-Course Bundle:

  • RBQM White Belt e-Course – This 90-minute, entirely online, self-paced course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge of RBQM. It’s designed for every risk-focused clinical expert. You’ll gain a solid foundation in risk-based quality management, covering topics such as understanding RBQM, its importance, different clinical risk categories, and types, and developing and implementing risk-based quality management. Learn more about the curriculum here…
  • RBQM Green Belt e-Course – Master clinical risk management in less than 6 hours with our comprehensive, self-paced online program. Gain insights into risk detection, evaluation, control, and more, following ICH Good Clinical Practice E6(R2). The e-course is enriched with practical, hands-on exercises, empowering you to put your newly acquired knowledge into action. Learn more about the curriculum here…

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After finalizing your purchase, you can immediately embark on your journey with the White Belt e-course and instantly access your downloadable Risk Management Plan Tool and the exclusive KRI Set, all at no additional cost. The White and Green Belt e-courses are designed to be self-paced, giving you the flexibility to start learning whenever you’re ready.

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RBQM Mastery e-Course Bundle

  • ICH E6 & E8 Guidelines: Understanding their implications in clinical research
  • RBQM Objectives: Delving into the goals of Risk-Based Quality Management
  • Critical Processes & Data: Identifying the vital elements in clinical trials
  • Risk Identification: Uncovering potential challenges and pitfalls
  • Risk Evaluation: Assessing the severity and impact of identified risks
  • Risk Control: Implementing strategies for managing and mitigating risks
  • Issue Management: Analyzing root causes and preventing recurrence
  • Risk Communication: Ensuring key stakeholders are informed about risks
  • Risk Review: Examining and updating risks throughout the trial
  • Risk Reporting: Documenting risks in the Clinical Study Report (CSR)
  • RBQM Summary: Consolidating your understanding of RBQM principles
  • Hands-on Exercise: Attain proficiency in the pivotal facets of RBQM! Augment your recently acquired expertise and competencies, effectively using them through hands-on exercises based on clinical study data provided by Cyntegrity

Who should attend?

  • Risk Managers
  • Study Managers
  • Central Monitors
  • Lead Biostatisticians
  • Lead Data Managers
  • Medical Monitors
  • CQA Representatives/Auditors
  • Lead CRAs
  • Site Start Up/Regulatory Leads
  • Safety Leads
  • Medical/Scientific Affairs

Why should you attend?

  • Boost Your Skillset: Obtain your Green Belt certification and propel your career forward in clinical research, demonstrating your proficiency in RBQM methodology and Risk-Based Monitoring.
  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance: Master the essential techniques to ensure compliance in your industry, safeguarding your organization’s reputation and credibility.
  • Exclusive Community: Gain access to the distinguished MyRBQM® Academy Alumni community, networking with like-minded professionals and industry leaders who share your passion for excellence.
  • Valuable Bonuses: Maximize your learning experience with exclusive bonuses like the Risk Management Plan Tool and Cyntegrity’s Golden KRI Set, providing you with powerful resources to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Comprehensive Training: Engage in a captivating self-paced e-course, covering core to advanced elements of Risk-Based Quality Management methodology. Complete the course in your own time and get certified in less than 6 hours.
  • Unleash Your Potential: As a Green Belt, you’ll be equipped to make significant contributions to your clinical study team, elevating your performance and driving improvements in your organization’s clinical trials.


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