Golden KRI Set

A Practical Resource for Building Your KRI Framework


Golden KRI Set – the gold standard Key Risk Indicator resource you need for managing your clinical study risks


Understanding the role of risk indicators in clinical risk mitigation is crucial for all of us, but do we know how to turn risk-based concepts into action? One way to do so is by utilizing the Golden KRI Set.

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) play a critical role in predicting unfavorable events that could have a negative impact on clinical trials. They monitor changes in risk exposure levels, provide early warning signs, and enable study teams to report, prevent, and mitigate risks in a timely manner.

Based on years of clinical research expertise in data quality and statistical data mining, we’ve extracted for you a golden set of over 25 ready-to-go KRIs addressing the most common risks every clinical trial is combatting.

What’s in this hands-on KRI resource?

Cyntegrity’s Golden KRI Set contains various tools and customizable templates (Excel, PDF) including:

  • a list of more than 25 golden KRIs including the required data points for calculation
  • more than 20 examples of KRIs with their corresponding risk statements, underlying metrics, and associated metrics

The resources can be downloaded immediately after the successful completion of your payment. An invoice will be automatically sent to your email address.


How are we utilizing Golden KRI Set in our daily operations?

The KRI Wiki is the only resource available that offers a compliant by-design approach to clinical trial risk management. It includes the Golden KRI Set as one of its resources. This innovative tool has been integrated into the most advanced clinical risk management SaaS, MyRBQM Portal. If you want to learn more about the future standard of clinical study risk assessment, click here.

Need to know more about KRIs and their applicability in the real-world setting?

In the mindsON RBQM Episode 8, our expert instructors, MBB Keith Dorricott and Ph.D. Johann Proeve, will offer valuable insights on the effective use of KRIs in the context of RBQM. During the episode, you will delve into several crucial topics, including identifying the characteristics of an effective KRI, assessing the likelihood of a KRI detecting a risk increase, and setting and adjusting KRI thresholds during a study.


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