RBQM Essentials – Green Belt, Instructor-led (for groups)

A customized learning experience designed for groups starting from 5 learners and up!

Our Green Belt instructor-led training is customized according to your organization’s real-world clinical study data, making it a unique learning experience for clinical research professionals leading clinical trials or serving as study team members. This comprehensive program allows you to master the fundamentals of advanced aspects of risk-based quality management methodology. With this tailored approach, you’ll excel in risk detection, evaluation, control, communication, review, and reporting, in line with ICH Good Clinical Practice E6(R2).


Welcome to RBQM Essentials ‘Green Belt’: Your Path to Success

Discover RBQM secrets through our Green Belt instructor-led training, designed for clinical research professionals leading clinical trials or serving as study team members. Master the fundamentals and advanced aspects of Risk-Based Quality Management methodology in a comprehensive and interactive format.

Customized Instructor-led Sessions

Our Green Belt training is tailored to your organization’s needs, based on real-world clinical study data provided by you. The training includes three captivating 2-hour sessions led by our expert instructors. These tailored sessions offer an interactive learning experience, enabling you to excel in risk detection, evaluation, control, communication, review, and reporting, according to ICH Good Clinical Practice E6(R2).

“We are happy with the engagement and level of knowledge that MyRBQM Academy brought to our Operations teams as to the RQBM implementation. And, by using Cyntegrity’s unique RBQM technology we were able to retrospectively analyze a real world clinical study and conduct a workshop to successfully generate new ideas for further improvements on a global scale,” said Jens Opitz, Executive Director, Head of Global Clinical Operations at Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH. Read also: Merz Pharma’s RBQM Journey published by Applied Clinical Trials

Green Belt Certification and Quiz

Upon completion of the Green Belt course, you will be required to pass a certification quiz demonstrating your understanding and mastery of RBQM concepts. This exam ensures you’ve acquired the knowledge to apply RBQM principles in your clinical research practice effectively.

The Green Belt training prepares you to use RBQM methodology in your daily work efficiently. Gain valuable insights into risk detection, evaluation, control, communication, review, and reporting to excel in your clinical research role.

Boost Your Clinical Research Career

The RBQM Essentials Green Belt training offers a unique opportunity to advance your clinical research career. With a deeper understanding of RBQM methodology, you’ll be better equipped to manage risks and ensure compliance in the industry.

Completing the Green Belt training allows you to unlock your risk management potential, make informed decisions, effectively manage risks, and contribute to your organization’s clinical trial success.

Unique Learning Experience and Collaboration

Our dynamic webinar-style workshops combine lessons, case studies, and hands-on sessions, enabling you to apply RBQM in daily practice. Learn from fellow participants and trainers while engaging in lively knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

  • ICH E6 & E8 Guidelines: Understanding their implications in clinical research
  • RBQM Objectives: Delving into the goals of Risk-Based Quality Management
  • Critical Processes & Data: Identifying the vital elements in clinical trials
  • Risk Identification: Uncovering potential challenges and pitfalls
  • Risk Evaluation: Assessing the severity and impact of identified risks
  • Risk Control: Implementing strategies for managing and mitigating risks
  • Issue Management: Analyzing root causes and preventing recurrence
  • Risk Communication: Ensuring key stakeholders are informed about risks
  • Risk Review: Examining and updating risks throughout the trial
  • Risk Reporting: Documenting risks in the Clinical Study Report (CSR)
  • RBQM Summary: Consolidating your understanding of RBQM principles
  • Hands-on Exercise: Attain proficiency in the pivotal facets of RBQM! Augment your recently acquired expertise and competencies, effectively using them through hands-on exercises based on clinical study data provided by your organization

Who should attend?

  • Risk Managers
  • Study Managers
  • Central Monitors
  • Lead Biostatisticians
  • Lead Data Managers
  • Medical Monitors
  • CQA Representatives/Auditors
  • Lead CRAs
  • Site Start Up/Regulatory Leads
  • Safety Leads
  • Medical/Scientific Affairs

NOTE: Prior MyRBQM® Academy White Belt certification is required; however, this prerequisite can be skipped if you successfully pass the prequalification quiz, allowing you to enroll directly in the Green Belt course. Request for the Green Belt prequalification quiz: academy@cyntegrity.com

Why should you attend?

  • Boost Your Skillset: Obtain your Green Belt certification and propel your career forward in clinical research, demonstrating your proficiency in RBQM methodology and Risk-Based Monitoring.
  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance: Master the essential techniques to ensure compliance in your industry, safeguarding your organization’s reputation and credibility.
  • Exclusive Community: Gain access to the distinguished MyRBQM® Academy Alumni community, networking with like-minded professionals and industry leaders who share your passion for excellence.
  • Valuable Bonuses: Maximize your learning experience with exclusive bonuses like the Risk Management Plan Tool and Cyntegrity’s Golden KRI Set, providing you with powerful resources to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Comprehensive Training: Engage in a captivating series of 3 online classes of 2 hours each, covering core to advanced elements of Risk-Based Quality Management methodology.
  • Unleash Your Potential: As a Green Belt, you’ll be equipped to make significant contributions to your clinical study team, elevating your performance and driving improvements in your organization’s clinical trials.


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For Groups of 8+

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